How to open a bank account in Belgium (2023)

Get to grips with opening a bank account in Belgium, including setting up an account from abroad as a non-resident.

When moving to Belgium, it’s important to open a bank account to help you manage your bills, everyday spending, and rent or mortgage payments. In this helpful guide, Salvatore Orlando, Head of Expatriates at BNP Paribas Fortis, explains the process of how foreigners can set up their banking in Belgium and open a Belgian bank account either online, in person, or as a non-resident.

The guide includes the following sections:

  • Banking in Belgium
  • Do you need a bank account in Belgium?
  • Types of bank accounts in Belgium
    • Basic current account
    • Premium current account
    • Bundled/packaged account
    • Savings accounts
    • Offshore accounts
  • Bank accounts in Belgium
    • BNP Paribas Fortis
    • ING Bank
    • KBC
    • International banks in Belgium
    • Innovation in Belgian banking
  • Choosing a bank account in Belgium
  • How to open a Belgian bank account as an expat
    • Opening a Belgian bank account from abroad
    • Opening a Belgian bank account if you are self-employed
  • Banking services in Belgium
    • International money transfers in Belgium
    • Paying bills from your Belgian bank account
  • Managing your Belgian bank account
  • Changing banks or closing a bank account in Belgium
  • Useful resources


Looking for a bank that meets all your financial needs? KBC is a retail, online, and mobile bank operating in Belgium. Take advantage of their easy-to-use mobile banking current accounts or head in-store to discuss your home loan or insurance options with their experts. Take the stress our of your move to Belgium by opening a KBC account today.

Banking in Belgium

Belgium boasts a modern, sophisticated, and digitized banking system, so opening a bank account when moving there is a relatively straightforward process. Belgium was an early pioneer of the idea of a cash-free society, and in recent decades has been innovative in implementing automated payment processes.

Today, many banks in Belgium perform transactions electronically and automatically, making managing your money and sending cash and paying bills simple. In addition, online banking and smartphone apps are now the norm, meaning the vast majority of customers have access to their accounts at their fingertips.

You can find out more about the banking system in Belgium in our full guide to banking in Belgium.


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Do you need a bank account in Belgium?

There are many reasons to open a bank account when moving to Belgium. For example, an account will help you avoid the fees and poor exchange rates associated with making day-to-day payments and cash withdrawals with a foreign account. It is also easier to have your Belgian salary paid into a local account, from which you can set up your direct debits for things like home utilities. You may also find that a Belgian bank account makes it easier to apply for mortgages in Belgium.

How to open a bank account in Belgium (2)

Types of bank accounts in Belgium

There are a range of current accounts available for expats moving to Belgium. These include the following:

Basic current account

Some banks offer basic accounts, which may be available without a monthly fee. These accounts will generally allow you access to online and in-branch banking, but may charge small fees for cash withdrawals, payments, and extra cards. These accounts don’t usually include linked credit cards.

Premium current account

Premium accounts usually allow free cash withdrawals and card replacements, albeit for a monthly fee. Some will enable you to add an extra cardholder for free, will allow transfers in other currencies, and will let you add a credit card (sometimes for an extra fee).

Bundled/packaged account

Some banks offer more wide-ranging accounts (known as packaged accounts in some countries) that include extras such as credit cards and insurance. These products might require you to pay in a minimum amount each month, and fees tend to be higher.

Savings accounts

Savings accounts come in all shapes and sizes, from fixed accounts that require you to lock up your savings for a set number of years, to instant-access accounts, where you can withdraw cash within 24 hours. Some banks offer products for people saving for specific milestones, such as buying a home or for their child to go to university.

Offshore accounts

Expats living in Belgium may find that opening offshore bank accounts is the best way to manage their finances. Having an offshore account is particularly helpful for anyone who works abroad, spends a lot of time in more than one country, or frequently transfers money between countries. Offshore accounts are located outside the holder’s country of residence and usually offer financial and legal advantages over domestic banking arrangements.

Accounts are often available in multiple currencies, which can be more convenient for those making or receiving payments in different currencies. In addition, more complex foreign exchange features may be available, such as being able to fix currency prices for up to a year in advance, which can remove the uncertainty of international finances. Furthermore, many offer distinct advantages such as a wider range of cross-border services and lower taxation on funds.

Bank accounts in Belgium

There are around 100 banks operating in Belgium, including many foreign banks. With the full array of financial institutions and banks, it’s possible to find one tailored to your needs, with English-speaking services, cheaper international money transfers, or online trading and investment tools.

How to open a bank account in Belgium (3)

Finding the best bank in Belgium will depend on the services you are looking for, so it’s important to shop around. As part of the streamlining of physical banks, some specialist services in bank branches are now only available by appointment.

Some major banks in Belgium include:

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BNP Paribas Fortis

  • More than 700 branches and 3,700 ATMs across Belgium.
  • Website in French, Dutch, German, and English.
  • Comfort Pack offers up to three current accounts for a family for €3 a month. Premium Pack allows borrowers to claim back the monthly €7 charge if they meet a set of terms (such as minimum deposits).
  • Offers a free welcome pack bank account for under-18s, which includes a rechargeable bank card from the age of 15.

ING Bank

  • Around 700 branches in Belgium, though this number has dropped in recent years.
  • Website in French, Dutch, and English.
  • Easy access Lion Account is available without a fee.
  • Classic Green Account costs €40 a year.
  • Offers various savings options, including special accounts for saving for a home and saving for your child’s future.
  • Visit the ING website to find out more information.


  • Made 66 of its branches employee-free in 2018, allowing customers to make transfers and withdraw cash at self-service terminals.
  • Website in French, Dutch, German, and English.
  • Offers two main current accounts – basic and plus. A Basic account is offered free of charge, while a Plus account costs €2 a month.
  • Young person’s account is available free for people aged 24 or younger.
  • Visit the KBC website for more information.

International banks in Belgium

Around eight in ten banks in Belgium are foreign-owned. These banks have similar services and opening hours and are expat-friendly. International banks in Belgium include:

  • Bank of America
  • BBVA
  • Citibank Europe
  • Commerzbank
  • Deutsche Bank
  • HSBC
  • Rabobank
  • Santander

Innovation in Belgian banking

Mobile banks allow you to access all your Belgian bank accounts in just five minutes using nothing more than your mobile phone. You get real-time access to your account, instant payments, and dedicated customer support available in many languages such as English, Dutch, German, Italian, and Spanish. Popular mobile banks in Belgium include:

The post office in Belgium also provides banking services under the independent entity Bpost. Post office banking is usually less expensive than commercial banks, and can be handier as their opening hours are longer. Nowadays, you can also open a bank account in a post office with Nickel.

Banks in Belgium have come together to allow customers to use Zoomit, a free internet and mobile banking service that sends any important documents, such as invoices, credit notes, and pay slips to your bank account where you can manage everything in one place, removing the need for paperwork and allowing for quick online payment and reminders for overdue bills.

Discover how the Belgian banking landscape could look in years to come with our article on the future of banking.


Choosing a bank account in Belgium

When weighing up which bank to choose, you will need to consider a variety of things. This includes the location of your nearest bank and how you can manage your account. The majority of accounts in Belgium are fee-paying, so you should shop around to get the best deal.

The costs for current accounts in Belgium vary between banks, and depend on the package you choose. Banks will generally offer free basic accounts and paid-for accounts which can include extra features such as the ability to bank in other currencies, or extra bonuses such as cashback on purchases.

Some banks will charge a fee of a €5-6 a month for premium accounts, while others operate with annual fees instead. As a new customer, you might be able to get an introductory fee-free deal for the first year.

Many banks also provide discounts to younger customers. For example, parents are able to open accounts for their children for free and some banks offer incentives to encourage them to do so. Adult customers can also get free accounts from some providers up to the age of 28, as banks look to attract long-term account holders.

You can find out more in our guide to banking in Belgium.


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How to open a Belgian bank account as an expat

Opening an account is an easy process. Some banks permit you to open a bank account online; you simply submit an online request and the bank will send you the required forms and information. You can also walk into any branch and open a Belgian bank account in person.

To open a bank account in Belgium, you need to show proof of identity (passport or ID card) and proof of your address.

Opening a Belgian bank account from abroad

Many banks accept non-resident bank accounts in Belgium, so it is possible to set up an account before moving to Belgium. Another option is to open a bank account with an international bank that has branches in both your home country and where you plan to move abroad.

To open an account before you reach Belgium, you can apply online with your bank of choice. Then when you arrive, you will need to visit a branch with proof of identity (for example a passport or ID card) and proof of legal address (in your home country or Belgium). Some banks will also require you to provide proof of residence once your permit has been issued.

Opening a Belgian bank account if you are self-employed

Opening a business bank account is part of the process of setting up a business in Belgium. If you are a self-employed person living in Belgium you must open a bank account for your business use only, separate from your personal bank account, regardless of whether you are setting up as a self-employed individual or a company.

You should put your account number on all your business documents. Specialist accounts for self-employed people usually include features such as the ability to have multiple account holders and make transactions in a range of currencies.

Banking services in Belgium

Credit and debit cards are common in Belgium and are widely accepted. Cheques are becoming obsolete and usually come with a fee. ATM machines are widely available, and although Belgian bank customers were previously required to only use their bank’s ATMs, this is no longer the case.

The most common debit card in Belgium is known as the Mister Cash/Bancontact card. It is a chip card that has a four-digit PIN code. You can use the Bancontact to withdraw cash from ATMs or pay directly out of your account using your PIN code. Some banks also provide smartphone or tablet payment options.

Most types of credit card are accepted to varying degrees; fees range up to €50 a year depending on the card type or if it is included in your banking package. Other major international credit cards can also be obtained and used in Belgium.

International money transfers in Belgium

Moving money from your account in Belgium to a foreign account may result in a fee from both banks.

The Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA) initiative of the European Union makes transfers of the euro currency within SEPA-member countries easier, faster and cheaper – in most cases free or for the cost of a local transfer. Transfers within SEPA countries (27 EU countries plus Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Andorra, Monaco, and San Marino) take one to two days, whereas pre-SEPA the process could take much longer.

SEPA transfers require you to provide the IBAN (international bank account number of the recipient) and the BIC (bank identifier code) of the recipient’s bank (this is also called a SWIFT code).

SEPA also made it possible to use your debit card to make euro-based payments in another SEPA country, just as you would do at home. Also under SEPA, if you have a bank account in any Eurozone country, you can continue to use it to receive your salary, even if you reside in another Eurozone country.

For transfers to non-SEPA countries or in a currency other than euro, you also need to provide the IBAN and BIC as well as the address of the bank to which you are making the transfer. Most online banking systems enable you to make transfers from your computer.

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The European Union also has deposit guarantee schemes in place that typically protect investments and deposits up to €100,000 within the Eurozone in the event a bank fails.

For international money transfers, there are alternative solutions to banks that could prove cheaper and more convenient, suchas:

You can also use online comparison tools to save on fees, obtain the best exchange rates and find the cheapest option for your international money transfers.

Paying bills from your Belgian bank account

Standing order payments – called ordre permanent/bestendige opdracht – can be set up for regular payments of a fixed amount, like rent or mortgage repayments. You can also use it to build up a savings account by automatic transfer of a fixed amount from your current account.

Direct debit, known as domiciliation/domiciliering, is the most efficient way to pay regular bills, where you can authorize companies to debit money from your Belgian bank account before a deadline, such as for utility bills.

Managing your Belgian bank account

Belgium is at the forefront of banking technology, so you needn’t worry about not being able to manage your bank account online and on your phone through an app.

All banks provide online services that allow you to make payments and transfers, while some will also allow you to freeze your card if you lose it. Online banking security is always developing, with fingerprint technology now available from some banks.

For some specialized transactions, you may still need to visit a branch. Opening hours for banks are typically 9:00 to 16:00, and extended to 19:00 on appointment. Some bank branches will close for a period over lunchtime before reopening in the afternoon. Most banks provide a location finder on their website to find your nearest branch.

ATMs tend to be located inside of banks, and some institutions will lock their doors to non-customers once they close. In this instance, you might need to use your bank card to get inside and use the ATM.

You can find more information in our guide to banking in Belgium, or check Expatica’s listings of financial services in Belgium.

Changing banks or closing a bank account in Belgium

It is very easy to switch bank accounts in Belgium, using the bank account switching service, to which many banks have subscribed. To switch accounts, you simply do the following:

  1. Open a new current account with the new bank, either online or in branch;
  2. Inform the new bank that you plan to use the switching service. You will then be given a request form;
  3. Fill in, sign, and return the form to the new bank.

On the form, you will need to specify the services you need, such as transferring all of your payments and direct debits to the new account or just moving your balance across and nothing else. The bank account switching service takes around 10 working days.

If you are just looking to close your account, you can do this by contacting your bank.

Useful resources


How to open a bank account in Belgium? ›

Opening up a bank account for foreigners in Belgium is easy and straight forward. You can open an online account without setting foot in a bank or just go to any bank office and take a proof of identity - a passport or a Belgian ID is usually enough - and you will get a bank account in no time.

Can an American citizen open a bank account in Belgium? ›

Foreign nationals are eligible to open a Belgian bank account as long as they have an economic link or live in the country. Many Belgian banks also accept a non-Belgian address. For some, just an email address is enough, plus valid ID. Most banks offer low-barrier accounts for expats.

How do I open a bank account short answer? ›

7 steps to take to open a savings account
  1. Choose how to apply. ...
  2. Gather your identification. ...
  3. Provide contact details. ...
  4. Select a single or joint account. ...
  5. Accept the terms and conditions. ...
  6. Submit your application. ...
  7. Fund your new account.
Aug 17, 2022

Can US citizens open bank accounts in Europe? ›

It's possible to open a bank account in Europe for many US citizens. However, providers, such as Wise offer multi-currency accounts in several different European currencies. You can also get a card that lets you spend like a local in over 170 countries.

How long does it take to open bank account in Belgium? ›

We recommend you check whether your bank has a local counterpart in Belgium before leaving your home country. Opening an account can take several days, so make sure to arrive with sufficient funds in cash to cover your first expenses.

Which is the best bank to open an account in Belgium? ›

Best traditional banks in Belgium for expats

KBC: voted as the best bank in Belgium 6 times in a row. It's praised by expats for great customer support and app design. KBC has a free and a Plus account for €3.25/month. ING: Dutch multinational bank with branches all over the world.

Which European country is the easiest to open a bank account? ›

As you will soon read in this article, Portugal is one of the easiest countries to open a bank account if you are a non-resident of the EU.

Can I open an international bank account from the USA? ›

An international bank account is entirely possible and could offer benefits that you may not get with a bank account here at home. Be sure to take your own financial goals into consideration as you keep reading to learn why and how to open an international bank account.

How do I open a bank account for a US citizen living abroad? ›

Is it possible to open a US bank account online as a non-resident? No. Most US banks will require non-residents to apply for an account in person. That means you have to travel to the US and walk into a bank branch to set up your account.

What documents are needed to open bank account? ›

What do I need to open a bank account?
  • Government issued photo ID or driver's license.
  • Social Security Card or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.
  • Passport or Birth Certificate.

Which documents are required for bank account? ›

  • Passport,
  • Driving Licence,
  • Proof of possession of Aadhaar Number,
  • Voter's Identity Card issued by Election Commission of India,
  • Job card issued by NREGA duly signed by an officer of the State Government,
  • Letter issued by the National Population Register containing details of name and address.
Jul 16, 2022

How much money is needed to open a bank account? ›

If you do, opening an account at a bank or credit union is straightforward. The interest they pay for savings accounts You usually need to make an initial deposit between $25 and $100 to open a savings or checking account. Find out how much you must keep in the account at all times to avoid or reduce fees.

Can I open a bank account in Europe without living there? ›

You can open a non-resident account in Europe with the expat division of a global banking branch. However, you may find it easier and cheaper to get an account with a specialist online provider instead.

How much money can a US citizen have in a foreign bank account? ›

The Bottom Line. Under the Bank Secrecy Act, U.S. taxpayers must report their overseas bank accounts and financial assets, even if those assets do not generate taxable income. You must report any account with more than $10,000, or if your combined accounts have a total value greater than $10,000.

What countries allow US citizens to open bank accounts? ›

5 Best Countries to Open Offshore Bank Accounts
  • 5 Best Countries to Open Offshore Bank Accounts. ...
  • Cayman Islands. ...
  • Switzerland. ...
  • Singapore. ...
  • Germany. ...
  • Belize.
Nov 16, 2022

How do I open a Belgian bank account from abroad? ›

How does it work?
  1. You need to make an appointment in one of our ING branches.
  2. You need to bring your identity documents with you and the proof of your foreign address.
  3. ING will want to know your link with Belgium: Do you have your employer, property, recurring business or a first line relative in Belgium?
Jan 20, 2021

Which is the biggest bank in Belgium? ›

Products. BNP Paribas Fortis is the 1st largest bank in Belgium in terms of total assets. In 2021 its total assets were 252,82 bln EUR, providing the bank with the market share of 22.17%.

How do I transfer money to a Belgian bank account? ›

What you'll need for your online money transfer to Belgium
  1. Register for free. Sign up online or in our app for free. ...
  2. Choose an amount to send. Tell us how much you want to send. ...
  3. Add recipient's bank details. Fill in the details of your recipient's bank account.
  4. Verify your identity. ...
  5. Pay for your transfer. ...
  6. That's it.

What is the top 3 bank in Belgium? ›

Top 10 Banks in Belgium
  1. Argenta Bank. It is a bank in Belgium with 481 offices founded in 1956. ...
  2. BNP Paribas Fortis. BNP Paribas is the leading bank in Europe and which has a presence in 73 countries. ...
  3. AXA Bank. ...
  4. KBC Bank. ...
  5. ING Belgium. ...
  6. Beobank. ...
  7. Crelan. ...
  8. Rabobank.

Which country is the easiest to open a bank account as a foreigner? ›

Which Countries are Ideal for Setting Up an Offshore Bank Account?
  • Switzerland. Switzerland is a popular choice for opening offshore accounts for several reasons. ...
  • Hong Kong. ...
  • Cayman Islands. ...
  • Germany. ...
  • Belize. ...
  • Singapore.
Feb 17, 2023

Which banks operate in Belgium? ›

The four main Belgian banks are ING, Dexia Bank, BNP Paribas-Fortis and KBC. A full range of financial services is offered, with special account facilities for non-Belgian nationals. Banking services are also available from the Post Office.

What is the most widely used bank in Europe? ›

HSBC Holdings PLC narrowly retained its title as Europe's largest bank by assets, S&P Global Market Intelligence data shows. The UK-headquartered, Asia-focused bank had €2.681 trillion of assets at the end of 2022, just surpassing French lender BNP Paribas SA's total of €2.666 trillion.

What is the best online bank for Europeans? ›

Best Online Banks in Europe
  • Best all-rounder — Revolut.
  • Best current account — N26.
  • Best for sustainable banking — Tomorrow.
  • Best for foreign currency spending — Wise.
  • Best paid current account — bunq.
  • Best CHF account — Yuh.
  • Best EUR account for UK residents — Starling Bank.
  • FAQ about the best online banks in Europe.

Can I open a bank account in a country I don't live in? ›

A non-resident bank account can make managing your money overseas easier. A non-resident bank account is an account you can open in a central location based in a country or territory you don't currently live in. These accounts are also referred to as Offshore Bank Accounts or Offshore Accounts.

Which US banks are international? ›

In this article, we've rounded up some of the best international banks in the US that are great options for international travel.
  • Citibank. ...
  • HSBC. ...
  • Capital One. ...
  • Charles Schwab Bank. ...
  • First Republic Bank. ...
  • Bank of America. ...
  • Citibank. ...
  • HSBC.

Which US bank has most international branches? ›

Bank of America

With operations in more than 35 countries around the world including Spain, Germany, and Japan, they are able to provide services to a worldwide customer base. The bank offers a suite of financial products including, but not limited to, commercial banking, investment banking, and consumer banking.

Can you open a bank account online internationally? ›

If you are considering opening a bank account abroad, you have two options. You can either open an account by visiting a bank branch or you can open an account online. There are multiple providers who can offer these accounts, but each option has its individual requirements and limitations.

How do I maintain my US address while living abroad? ›

Overseas Mail Forwarding Services

The most convenient way to maintain a functional U.S. address while living abroad is to use a virtual mailbox service that you can activate online. This service scans, holds, and offers mail forwarding services for a few dollars per month.

Can I open a US bank account without a US address? ›

Preparation. You must be living in the U.S. to open your account. You'll need to provide both a foreign and U.S. address, as well as two forms of ID and a tax identification number.

Which is the best international bank? ›

Revolut: Best Digital Bank for International Accounts. HSBC: Best for No Monthly Fees. Capital One 360: Best for No Foreign Transaction Fees. Bank of America: Best for Multiple Currencies.

What banks dont require SSN? ›

Here are some banks and credit unions that don't require you to have an SSN to open an account:
  • Bank of America.
  • Chase.
  • Wells Fargo.
  • Marcus by Goldman Sachs.
  • Self-Help Federal Credit Union.
  • Latino Credit Union.
Nov 16, 2022

Do you need a Social Security card to open a bank account? ›

You are not required to have a social security number to open a checking or savings account. To open a checking or savings account, the bank or credit union will need to verify your name, date of birth, address, and ID number.

Can the government see how much money is in your bank account? ›

The federal government has no business monitoring small cash deposits and how Americans pay their bills and has no right to snoop around in private checking accounts without a warrant.

What is valid address proof for bank account? ›

i) Passport ii) Driving license iii) Credit Card Statement- not more than 3 months old iv) Salary slip v) Income/Wealth Tax Assessment Order vi) Electricity Bill- not more than 6 months old vii) Landline Telephone Bill - not more than 3 months old viii) Bank account statement ix) Letter from reputed employer x) Letter ...

What is proof of address for bank account? ›

A utility bill, credit card statement, lease agreement or mortgage statement will all work to prove residency. If you've gone paperless, print a billing statement from your online account.

Can I open bank account with passport? ›

Whether you are a US passport holder or a non-US citizen with a foreign passport, you can open a bank account with your passport as your proof of identification.

What is the maximum amount of money you should have in a bank account? ›

How much is too much? The general rule is to have three to six months' worth of living expenses (rent, utilities, food, car payments, etc.) saved up for emergencies, such as unexpected medical bills or immediate home or car repairs. The guidelines fluctuate depending on each individual's circumstance.

Which is the safest bank in Europe? ›

The best bank in Europe is KfW in Germany, which was voted number one in the list of the 50 safest banks in Europe 2023. KfW's rank as the most secure bank goes beyond Europe, too–being ranked number one for twelve years in a row for the World's Safest Banks by the US finance magazine Global Finance.

Do I have to close my bank account when I leave Belgium? ›

As bank accounts usually charge fees, you may want to close your bank account when you leave Belgium. Contact your bank for more information. Only close your bank account after your last salary/scholarship or other reimbursements have been paid to you.

Is it illegal to have an international bank account? ›

Using the services of a bank outside of your home country is not illegal if it is done for legitimate reasons. Some foreign banks will start an account from a foreign customer with as little as $300 while others will not do business at all with foreign customers because of compliance requirements.

What countries don't report to the IRS? ›

Key Takeaways. Bermuda, Monaco, the Bahamas, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are four countries that do not have personal income taxes. If you renounce your U.S. citizenship, you may end up paying a tax penalty called an expatriation tax.

Can the IRS take money from a foreign bank account? ›

The IRS can issue a levy notice to any bank that is within the US. Thus, if a taxpayer has an account with a foreign bank, but that bank has a branch in the US, the IRS can simply issue a levy notice to the US office. This means the IRS may possibly reach the overseas bank account.

What is the IRS limit for international money transfer? ›

How much money can you wire without being reported? Financial institutions and money transfer providers are obligated to report international transfers that exceed $10,000. You can learn more about the Bank Secrecy Act from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

Can a US citizen open a bank account in Europe? ›

Am I eligible to open a bank account in Europe? As a rule, anyone 18 or over with a valid passport or other form of national ID is eligible to open a European bank account. Residents of a certain country can usually apply with just their passport and proof of address.

What is the safest international bank in the world? ›

Established in 1948, KfW Bank's primary goal is to support domestic and international economic development. With an excellent credit rating and strong backing from the German government, KfW Bank ranks as the safest bank globally.

Which European country is easiest to open a bank account? ›

As you will soon read in this article, Portugal is one of the easiest countries to open a bank account if you are a non-resident of the EU.

Can foreigners open bank account in Europe? ›

You can open a non-resident account in Europe with the expat division of a global banking branch. However, you may find it easier and cheaper to get an account with a specialist online provider instead.

Can a foreigner open a bank account? ›

Yes, a foreigner can open a bank account in the U.S., it just takes some additional paperwork to make it happen. If you have a foreign government ID, passport or resident alien number from a green card, those will help. If you don't have a Social Security number, you'll need an ITIN.

Can I open a bank account online if I live abroad? ›

Yes, you can. The process might be a bit complicated for non-citizens, but it's not impossible. Whether it's for business, travel, or personal reasons, setting up a US bank account will be worth the trouble. Banking in the US has many advantages.

Where can I open a bank account without residency? ›

Zenus Bank is a licensed and regulated American bank that provides all-remote US bank accounts in almost every country in the world without the requirement to be a US citizen or resident.

Which country is safest to open a bank account? ›

Here is our list of the most secure, stable banks for protecting your assets abroad.
  • SINGAPORE. ...
  • CANADA. ...
  • FRANCE. ...
  • SWEDEN. ...
  • NORWAY. ...
  • GERMANY. Americans may be surprised to learn they can open offshore accounts in Germany (albeit at low-interest rates), which has topped the list of the world's safest banks.

Which bank is best for Europe? ›

The best bank in Europe is KfW in Germany, which was voted number one in the list of the 50 safest banks in Europe 2023. KfW's rank as the most secure bank goes beyond Europe, too–being ranked number one for twelve years in a row for the World's Safest Banks by the US finance magazine Global Finance.

Can US citizens open bank accounts abroad? ›

It's 100% legal for US citizens to have foreign bank accounts. You just need to tell the IRS and report it properly. In fact, we've found hundreds of banks still willing to accept US clients.

What is the easiest bank account to open online? ›

Easiest Bank Accounts To Open Online
  • Easiest account to open — Revolut.
  • 2nd-easiest account to open — Chime.
  • 3rd-easiest account to open — Capital One.
  • 4th-easiest account to open — Current.
  • 5th-easiest account to open — Wise.
  • 6th-easiest account to open — Majority.
  • FAQ about online banking.

What countries allow tourists foreigners to open local bank accounts? ›

Countries such as Mauritania, Singapore, and Mauritius allow foreigners to open Bank accounts. For example, tourists or foreigners in Mauritius, an island country in East Africa popular for its beaches and lagoons, can open current accounts. They, however, need... See full answer below.

What documents do I need to open a bank account as a foreigner? ›

You'll Need an ID

Foreign or not, applicants for a bank account must at least verify their name, date of birth, and physical address, say, from a utility bill. But if you're foreign-born, you may need to offer more. These customers also need to show photo identification that includes a numeric identity.

Can a foreigner open a Wells Fargo account? ›

Wells Fargo offers checking accounts to foreigners who hold the documents required for verification. If you're not a US resident or citizen you can also choose to use the Wells Fargo international investment services which are available online, in branch and by phone.

Do I need a SSN to open a bank account? ›

You are not required to have a social security number to open a checking or savings account. To open a checking or savings account, the bank or credit union will need to verify your name, date of birth, address, and ID number.


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